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Scarlett Johansson says she’s ‘ashamed’ of bad habits


Scarlett Johansson has a mysterious she truly trusts her children won’t find out. The actress told Drew Barrymore in a interview on Wednesday. That the one thing she doesn’t need 7-month-old Cosmo and 7-year-old Rose to know is that she used to smoke.


“My girl might have asked me this previously,” Scarlett Johansson said. “I used to smoke when I was more youthful and I’m so embarrassed. I simply don’t need her to at any point believe that I at any point thought it was cool. Since she can never under any circumstance. At any point smoke.” The actress proceeded to make sense of that she will “deny” her children from getting a cigarette.


“So yeah, I just hope she never figures that out,” Johansson concluded. 

It very well may be a little interesting maintaining any mysteries from Rose. Johansson told Kelly Clarkson during a 2021 television show appearance that her girl is consistently, consistently close by – regardless of whether she loves it.


“She shadows me, similar to, constantly,” Johansson cleared up for Clarkson. “Which is great and I realize that it’s something I’m certain in a couple of years she won’t need anything to do with me. So I should absorb everything.”


Justifiably, a few places simply feel a little untouchable. “There’s most certainly times where she’s on the opposite side of the washroom entryway and I’m like, ‘Rose, you have to allow me a moment!’ Everybody needs their time,” she added. “However, she has good intentions and I’d prefer have it that way than her needing nothing to do with me.”


Rose is gradually sorting out that her mother is a major installation in the business. Last year, Johansson let PEOPLE know that her girl became hopelessly enamored with the Home Alone motion pictures – just to figure out that her mother was in the third film. Johansson chose not to ruin the astonishment early and stand by to check whether Rose would sort out it all alone.

Scorlett Johonson

“I simply needed her to make the revelation,” Johansson reviewed. “Obviously, she didn’t on the grounds that how could a 11-year-old me help her to remember me now? What’s more, I said, ‘Who’s that individual?!’ She was like, ‘You?'”

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