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Scriptwriter of the Kapil Sharma Show’ arrested


The scriptwriter of The Kapil Sharma Show, Ram Abhishek Singh was arrested last week for murder, prompting shock among team members of the popular Indian comedy show.

According to BollywoodLife,  the UP police was tracking Ram alias Kera Singh for over seven years in connection with a double murder case in AzamGarh.

According to reports, in 2009, Abhishek and his uncle had gunned down an arch rival from his village and had fatally injured three more people.


Abhishek and his uncle Manoj Singh had used carbines, a long arm firearm, to fire indiscriminately at their targets. A cash reward of Rs 50,000 was announced on Manoj while Abhishek was carrying a reward of Rs 30,000.

kapil team

Singh, who has acted in the show, The Great Indian Family Drama, has been a scriptwriter for other serials as well and has managed to give the police the slip by hiding in plain sight.

Going by reports, the UP STF arrested Ram immediately after getting to know his Mumbai address. He was staying as a paying guest in Mumbai.

Reports added that Singh was smartly escaping the cops by using multiple names including Kera Singh, Rohit Singh and Baljinder Singh among others.

Deccan Chronicle also corroborated the story of scriptwriter’s arrest and said the suspect was dodging police for a long time.

However, the PinkVilla published statement from the team of The Kapil Sharma Show. The programme’s creative director Preeti Simoes claimed, “We have a fixed team of writers and Abhishek isn’t part of it. He was just a freelancer like many others who submit their scripts. We have hardly used his work. He isn’t associated with the production house.”

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