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Selena Gomez can’t ‘sit in silence’ amid protests


Selena Gomez can’t “sit in silence” following the death of George Floyd. 

The 27-year-old pop star has taken to social media to speak out about social injustice. Amid protests across cities in the US over Floyd’s recent death on the streets of Minneapolis.

Selena Gomez wrote on Instagram: “I have spent the last 24 hours just trying to process this all. Nothing anyone says can take back what has happened. But we can and must all make sure to take action. Too many black lives have been taken from us for far too long. They deserve better. They deserve to be heard. We all need to do better and not sit in silence as this injustice continues. #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #icantbreathe (sic)” 

Derek Chauvin and three other police officers were recently sacked after footage emerged of him kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

The ex-Minneapolis policeman was subsequently charged with murder.

Elsewhere, Cardi B has taken to Twitter to explain that while she’s scared about the scenes in Minneapolis and other US cities, she understands the feelings of the protesters.

She said: “People are tired, so now they’re tired of showing … ‘Oh, mother f—— are educated, mother f—— could take the grown and adult way and can act peacefully.’ People are tired of that, so now this is what people have to resort to.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx actually travelled to Minneapolis and spoke out in support of the protesters.

The Oscar-winning star said: “All I wanted to do is let you know that we’re not afraid to stand … we’re not afraid of the moment.

“At the end of the day, when we see you guys on the frontline, we want to let you know you got support.”

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