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Sending wishes on event of Eid Milad un Nabi.


Eid Milad un Nabi also known as Eid-e-Milaad. It is the day which remind us of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Therefore it is celebrated across the worldwide. The occasion is believed to be the birthday of Muhammad (PBUH). Many of them sending wishes on this great day.

The prophet was born on the twelth day of Rabi-ul-Awwal (third month of the Islamic lunar calendar) in Mecca in 570 CE. Therefore this day is marked as a national holiday in many countries with Muslim population. Muslim celebrated this day with high spirits. Houses, streets and markets are decorated with lights, Milads are arranges in houses and food is distribute among people.

All other Muslims of the world our celebrities are also celebrating Eid Milad Un Nabi with great zeal and zest today. Meanwhile they took different social media platform for sending their messages to their fans.

Hareem Farooq:

She is the beautiful actress. And on this day she is sending a beautiful prayer on this great day.

Kinza Hashmi:

The gorgeous actress and a beautiful model. Therefore she took her Instagram to wish Eid Milad un Nabi.

Imran Ashraf:

He is the entertainment package. The most talented person. However the super star took Instagram to wish the great day.

Adnan Siddiqui:

The inspiring actor give a message of kindness, love and brotherhood. However through his social media account twitter.

Humayun Saeed:

Therefore the great personality and a superb actor. He also on this blessed day give a message of following the teaching of our beloved Prohet (PBUH).

Mawra Hocane:

Iqra Aziz:

The young star of the showbiz. Who needs no introduction a all. She also gives the message of kindness and brotherhood along with dedicating the beautiful kalam Taj dar-e-Haram.

Yasir Hussain:

Yasir reveals about her paid controversary

Faisal Qureshi:

The great celebrity complete package of entertainment. He through his twitter account wish the great day.

Ahmed Ali Butt:

Ahmed took her Instagram account to wish this great day. He shares a surat and translation of it which is giving the message of brotherhood, kindness and love.

Shehroz Sabzawari:

Neelam Muneer:

Asad Sidiqui:

Hajra Yamin:

Have you seen how much happy is our celebrities. And how they gives beautiful message to every Muslim. Therefore it is clear that all are celebrating with full zeal and zest. However as Muslim we should love our Prophet (PBUH). Therefore we should follow his teaching and try to follow the path on which Prophet (PBUH) has guide us. Meanwhile this is our duty and we should follow it.

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