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Sense of direction: Work speaks the loudest


NEW DELHI: Indian actor Irrfan Khan, who recently made headlines when he questioned certain religious beliefs and rituals, said that an individual’s work speaks louder than any buzz created in news.

The actor, who will soon be seen in Madaari, was asked about how much media limelight means to him. “Sometimes I do feel that being media savvy is important and I think media plays a vital role in shaping your perception, in both positive and negative ways,” he said. “But I think the relationships that you maintain through your work matter more. Personally, I think your work speaks more than being in news or creating news does.”

Known for his performances in movies like Paan Singh Tomar and The Lunchbox, Irrfan said acting caught his fancy when he was all of 15. “Nobody from my family is involved in acting. People used to tell me I am shy and I wanted to change that impression. I experimented with business for a while but I figured I wanted to do something else. I came across what was termed as Parallel Cinema and they were doing some amazing things. I was 15 at that time and I was floored by it. It was so fascinating! I wanted to do that. That was the start,” he recalled.

He is now one of the most formidable Indian actors, having featured in international movies like Life of Pi and A Mighty Heart. He will soon be seen sharing screen space with Tom Hanks in Inferno.

One thing the actor is not worried about is competition. “I have not thought a lot about competition in life. I have observed that in the film industry, people with varied talents come together and work towards a common goal – which is to make the story come alive on screen,” he said. “If I have my own story to tell, I have to add that through the director’s story without getting intrusive. I try to bring my own colour into the role without losing sight of the director’s palate. Everyone should make their own mark. I don’t believe in the concept of replacing people.”

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