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Serving husband is not wife’s responsibility: Nadia Hussain


Leading Pakistani actress and model Nadia Hussain says it is not the wife’s responsibility to serve her husband.

Speaking on a private news TV program, model Nadia Hussain said that in our society. Women are pressured to marry at the will of their parents. Only women should have the right to marry and divorce.

Nadia Hussain

“As a daughter, I have rights, I have the right to drive and study, and I have the right to marry of my own free will,” she said. This is a big problem if a woman does not get married of her own free will. However, it is a different matter for a woman to give the right of marriage to her parents. I am not against it.

Nadia Hussain

The host of the program asked if you work at home for your husband? To this Nadia Hussain replied that why should I do this, he is not my child but my husband.

Nadia Hussain

The actress was asked what it would be like if her husband asked her to bring food and water. To this Nadia Hussain replied that it is absolutely right but it is wrong to order the wife to serve the husband, it is wrong, the woman does not have her own right to work after marriage, she depends on the right of the husband.

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain also said that in our society a father does not give proper time to his children which is very wrong, father should spend as much time with his children as possible because as important as the role of mother is father Is also.

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