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Sexual harassment in the industry was to come, Kangna Ranawat

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Bollywood in my role of adaptive actress Kangna Ranawat reputation in the early days of the film industry has admitted sexual harassment.

Bollywood actress Kangna Ranawat in 2006 movie ‘gyngstr”sy began his artistic career auranthk work when the film made its place in the city that actress Kangna Ranawat selection of films, they always take care juhrdkhacky bstrflmun starred in several blocks, but now the film is athadya entry to uncover many secrets.

their interest, oneself or when you want to use the 17-year-old stepped into the film world, I also suffered physical abuse.
During the interview, stating his autobiography kangna physical harassment that I was someone who was my age and beating my head was bleeding, so I hit them on the head of his sandals, but he who After the flight landed krthany more taqturtha aurayf IR lodged aurazyt the nose, which was very difficult for me this time is impossible to forget.

The actress Kangna Ranawat your upcoming flm”rngun ‘are busy shooting.

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