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Shaan demands to make policy


Shaan Shahid demands Government to make ultural policy.

Film star Shan Shahid has demanded the government to make cultural policy. He said that the entertainment industry has too much energy which can be utilized. Shan, is not only a senior actor but also a member of the Cultural Advisory Council  formed by the government of the Punjab to suggest measures for the betterment of culture related affairs. Earlier, he said on an occasion that no government as taken any step in this regard. Shan has a vast experience of showbiz industry who is a very important part of culture sector. So it is expected by the relative quarters and masses that he will certainly present suggestions in this regard, which wold be very valuable.The Actor started his showbiz career nearly twenty ears ago. Besides he is the son of renowned film pair Director Riaz Sahid and film actress Neelo. Hence has an inherited trend and knowledge of this field. Further more, he is an educated person and remained conscious to increase his qualification. He,in order to increase it even went abroad.As regards his showbiz career, it was began when he won the Award of best actor in a play ‘Alif Noon’ in which he performed a comedy role.


After Aitchison College, where he received education, he left for United States and got admission in Network High School with the aim to become a lawyer. He stayed there several years. Then came back to Pakistan and took his attention to his home business, Riaz Shahid Films. Shan’s  first film was ‘Bulandi’ which was released in 1990.   In 2013, he performed in the film ‘waar’ and was given the best actor award for his good performance. Till now he as acted in so many Urdu and Punjabi films.In addition to a good actor, he has also been working as director and has given direction in several films including, ‘guns and roses’, ‘Ik Junoon’, ‘Mujhay Chand Chahia’, and ‘Moosa Khan’.As Shan is a well educated person having extensive practical knowledge of the field of showbiz and related affairs, he is also an attraction for so many famous brands who wish to get their projects hosted by him.

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