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Shabnam is returning to Pakistan


According to media reports, famous Pakistani film star Shabnam is planning to return to Pakistan and settling here for whole life.

Shabnam nowdyas lives in  Bangladesh. She worked a lot in Pakistani films and remained one of the busiest and most popular actress of Pakistani showbiz Industry.

Unfortunately after an unhappy incident she went from Pakistan. Although the Court heard the case of the incident and awarded death sentence to five accused persons.

But it is said that because of alleged political pressure Shabnam had to forgive them and then she shifted to Bangladesh.

As the filmstar passed a very long time in Pakistani film industry, it appears that she, like all others, felt difficult to leave her country Pakistan for ever.

Accordingly she may have recalled her memories and then decided to shift back to her original homeland. It is clear that except the incident mentioned above, she got a lot of fame, respect, love and honour in Pakistan and had a very large number of fans as well.

Her work in several memorable films such as ‘Chahat’, ‘Aina’, ‘Dillagi’, ‘Anari’ and so on is still remembered. These films were the hit films of their times and their songs were repeated on the streets.

Shabnam’s pair with film star Nadeem was a very popular film pair. The both stars were described the symbols and icons of the success of a film.

Actress Shabnam is a married woman and is the wife of song composer Robin GhoshFilm star Shabnam’s mother tongue is Bengali but she remained more successful in Urdu films and most of her work is in Urdu.

Urdu is a common language which is spoken and understood from Pakistan to Bangladesh and also in India, nepal, and other nearby countries whereas Bengali is a local language.

Bengali is not understood in Pakistan or Indian non-bengali areas at all.This is why there is more scope of Urdu than Bengali language. Perhaps this may be one of the reasons for her return plan to Pakistan.

However, it is not may be only single reason because if it would so, she could shift to india where Urdu is spoken and understood by all.

Actually the main factor of Shabnam’s return plan may be the memories of passing her active and busy age in here.. ..



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