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Shabnam: Some old memorie


As the media reports are telling that Pakistan’s famous legend film actress Shabnam is planning to return to Pakistan and settling here for life, people are remembering some memorable films of this artist.

Shabnam performed in several famous films of their time which have still not forgotten by the people.

Shabnam’s pair with film star Nadeem was a very popular film pair and their gathering in a film proved a symbol and guarantee of success of the film.

One of these memorable films was the film ‘Dil Lagi’.

This film consisted of a lot of realities about different social classes of a society and the complications arising out of this class difference.

The film Dil Lagi tells the story of such reality. In the film a love story develops between a rich and poor.

One of the lover, Shabnam belonged to a rich family and the boy whom she fell in love, Nadeem was a poor person but Shabnam did not know this. 

Nadeem was a servant in a workshop and worked as a motor mechanic, In the workshop several models of cars were available because clients brought their cars for repairing in the workshop and leaved there for one or two days.

Here the cars were at Nadeem’s disposal. He was in a good position to use them. He used one model one day and another model on an other day according to his wish.

Shabnam works Nadeem


Girl, Shabnam was impressed and got misunderstanding that Nadeem was a very rich person who changed his cars frequently. Both develops understanding and pass some time.

Gradually Shabnam knows the reality that the Nadeem is a poor person and is only a mechanic. Then the moment of Shabnam’s marriage comes.

Her father decides to marry her with another man.

Shabnam first does not agree but ultimately she surrenders to the father’s

wish and tells Nadeem that her father cannot accept a motor mechanic. 

Nadeem gets serious mental shock and turns abnormal. Some famous songs picturized during these moments on Nadeem are ‘aag laga kar chupne wale sun mera afsana’, ‘ham chale is jahan say’, ‘murjhaye huway phoolon ki qasam…’

Latter a closed friend of Shabnam’s father convinces him and he agrees to marry her daughter to Nadeem.

But it was too late. When they go to Nadeem home to tell this,

they come to know that Nadeem has passed away form the world.



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