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Shafaullah Rokhri Seraiki singer has passed away.


Leading Seraiki singer Shafaullah Rokhri has died due to heart attack.

The well-known folk singer Shafaullah Khan Rokhri gain popularity. Among the people by singing many songs in Seraiki and Punjabi.

According to News, Shafaullah Rokhri was at his residence in Islamabad. When felt chest pain. His condition worse. And he was rush to hospital but could not recover. And was reunite with Khaliq Haqiqi. He will buried in his hometown of Mianwali. However leaving behind great love and popularity. Among hearts of Seraiki music lovers across the country.

Late Shafaullah Rokhri himself had lasting respect for his fans and humanity as whole. And also he has such a great fan following.

Shafaullah Rokhri started singing in 1987. But he became very famous with the song ‘Kala Joda Pa‘. He also serve as a constable in the police for a few years. But quit his job due to his involvement in singing. Therefore more than 100 music albums of Shafaullah Rokhari have release. Shafaullah Rokhari’s son Zeeshan Rokhari is also a singer. And surely his son will now serve people with his folk music.

 Local and important political and social figures are expect to attend his funeral. However preparations are underway to transfer his body to hometown. Where his funeral prayers will offer.

Here are some tweets of the people:

All the public as you can see is really upset. On this sad news. This is such a great loss for our country Pakistan. Such a great personality. He serves public with his folk music.Which was like by a lot of people. But as we know that one day we have all have to go. Because everyone has to die. Same with Safaullah Rokhri. Kindly recite Surah-Fateeeha for the departed soul. May his soul rest in peace. May God bless him with the greatest rank in Jaanat-tul-Firdos. Ameen!

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