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Shagufta Pictures Collection with her Daughters.


About Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz is a Pakistani actress. Working in the Urdu television and film industry. She was born in Kunjah. A small town in District Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan.She use to appear in PTV Home’s classic serials in 1990’s. She is consider the fine actors of Pakistan. She also appear in few Punjabi films.

Shagufta start her career in showbiz industry in late 1980s. Debut with Jangloos in 1989. She has working with the PTV for a long time. She won the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in Mere Qatil Mere Dildar at the Hum Awards. In 2013, she found the beauty salon, Envy by Shagufta Ejaz in Karachi.

She was married to Yahya Siddiqui. She is the mother of four beautiful daughters.

About her daughters:

Shagufta’s daughter Anya. Anya is nutritionist and MBBS doctor by profession. She has pass her MBBS exam. And runs Pakistan’s first register online fitness organization.She is  Brand Ambassador of Shagufta’s salon envy salon by Shagufta Ejaz. She has about 40 thousand followers on Instagram. She is quite popular Instagram influencer.

Rest of her daughters are Haya Ali, Nabeeha Ali and Emaan Ali. According to her mother about Haya Ali she said that she is an awesome cook. She cook such delicious food. They are further planning in future to do something. Their relation is like the friends to each other. And yess Shagufta also feel blessed to have you.

Have a Look to these gorgeous pictures:

She is the youngest daughter of Shagufta Ejaz. She is really cute like her mother. It looks she loves her a lot with all of her heart.

She is Haya Ali. She is really confident girl. As her mother said and a best cook.

After seeing all these pictures. It is clearly seen that Shagufta is really friendly to her daughters. And it is a good sign. A mother is a role model for her kids. And off course the relation of a mother and daughter is unique and strongest one in the world. Ans it is such a great blessing from God Almighty.

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