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Shah Rukh Khan: Freedom of speech also means right to remain silent –

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is now determined to steer clear from all sorts of political controversies. The actor’s comments on intolerance last year had resulted in his movie Dilwale bearing the brunt of public’s ire. Not wanting to embroil himself in any sort of trouble, SRK has now decided to remain silent. (Read: When a lady slapped Shah Rukh Khan in train) At the launch of Fan’s trailer on February 29 when a question indicating if he would make an appeal for Fan so that nothing untoward happens, SRK said, “The only appeal I will make is when my team KKR takes a Mumbai Indians wicket and I will scream out. I am not getting into anything else. Freedom of speech also means the right to keep silent. So, I am very silent about this.”

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