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Shah Rukh Khan is not uneasy over film failure.


Shah Rukh Khan is not uneasy over failure of his films. Bollywood’s renowned film actor Shah Rukh Khan has not been discouraged by the failure of his films in the recent past and is still committed to proceed forward. In an interview he said that  I don’t become uneasy when any of my films does not succeed because challenges are an integral part of life. If I had not challenges, I would never reach the stage where I am standing now. Certainly he was hinting towards huge success of his vast career. He is  known for being one of the most successful actors of Indian showbiz world.
Shah Rukh Khan was born  on 2 November 1965 in a Muslim family. Shah Rukh tells that his grandfather  Jan Muhammad belonged to Afghanistan. Khan’s father was an activist against the British rule in India. Some relatives of Khan still living in Peshawar’s Qissa Khawani Bazaar. Khans father Meer Taj Muhammad khan was a member of the Indian National Congress and a follower of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. He moved to new Delhi in 1948 as khan’s mother was the daughter of a senior government engineer. Khan grew up in a locality  in the suburb area of Delhi. Shah Rukh Khan, along with the usual study, also  used to participate in other extra curriculum activities arranged by his school administration including stage plays and used to get too much appreciation from his fellows. He also earned several awards for his good performance. He graduated in Economics.

Shahrukh Khan is seen looking away from the camera

As regards his practical career in the showbiz world, Shah Rukh Khan has performed in nearly 80 films and earned several film awards including the awards given by the Government of India and Government of France. He is also counted as of the celebrities  whose audience size is very large. Khan began his career with performance in several television series in the late 1980. In the beginning of his film career he used to appear in negative roles. However changes took place and he performed positive and leading roles in so many films.  Khan is the chairman of motion picture production company Red Chilies Entertainment and its subsidiaries.

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