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Shah Rukh Khan Thinks Sahir Lodhi Is “Beautiful”

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Everyone is well aware of the fact that Sahir Lodhi has always tried his best to look and act like Shah Rukh Khan although he says that he does not like it when people compare him with the Indian actor. His entire look and style of talking however suggest something completely different. When Shah Rukh Khan and Sahir Lodhi finally met, it was like the impossible happening since these two people are connected in some way for the longest time now even though they have never met each other. People cracked jokes about their meeting in Sahir Lodhi’s show on social media too. Undoubtedly these two individuals do have similar looks but Sahir Lodhi’s attempts to talk like Shah Rukh too is what irritates people.

The video in which Sahir Lodhi requested people to stop comparing him with Shah Rukh Khan has been removed from most of the websites prior to the interview. In this video he even said that Shah Rukh was the one who copied him! He addressed Shah Rukh Khan in the video and said, “it is high time that you should stop copying me.”

During the interview Sahir Lodhi shared with Shah Rukh Khan that ever since he was in the university people told him he looked like Shah Rukh Khan. It seemed like that is something which the Indian star knew already and he told him that Sahir had a very unique style and he should not let people say things like that to him. Shah Rukh Khan also called Sahir Lodhi “Khoobsurat” which isn’t really a compliment for a man!! He said,

” I have heard you on radio and you have a style all of your own. If ever someone tells you that you look or sound like me tell them that your style is your very own!”


Kajol couldn’t stop laughing all through this discussion but Shah Rukh Khan kept a very serious expression on his face.

See the video and judge if Shah Rukh Khan really was complimenting Sahir Lodhi or making fun of him!!

Shah Rukh Khan Thinks Sahir Lodhi Is “Beautiful” – by pakshowbiz

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