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Shah Rukh Khan’s new life resolution is ‘lethal’

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Shah Rukh Khan has the wit of a genius.

He can take criticism in good humour and turn it to his advantage. At one of SRK’s sessions with the media, a reporter applauded the actor for gracing them with his presence on time and asked how this change came about.

The Raees star answered jokingly: Let me say this to you, whenever I have been late, it’s [due to] the organisers. People think I come late. I will show this world that I reach places on time and this world is not going according to time. I will show it to them.

I’m trying to change. I’ve started reaching places early now [and when I do], people panic, yet the work continues to start late. I’ve given humanity multiple chances but it failed,” he added.

“I always tell people if I was organised I’ll be lethal, when I do become organised It’ll become very dangerous for people.”

He went on to explain how he was five minutes early to the event and had to in fact wait so the organisers could quickly sort things out. The Bollywood actor also joked that the media would probably not show up on time and he’d be done attending the session by the time they’d arrive.


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