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Shah Sharabeel returns to the theatre scenario

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KARACHI: Shah Sharabeel returns to the theatre scenario with another farcical recreation, You Only Marry Twice (YOMT). 

You Only Marry Twice is an Urdu remake of Ray Cooney’s comedy play Caught in the Net which revolves around a bigamist taxi-driver who tries to keep both his families separate and blissfully unaware of each other. In the local rendition John Smith is replaced by Faisal Mirza whose children from different wives meet over the Internet and fall in love.

You Only Marry Twice is Shah Sharabeel’s fifth play after the phenomenal Bombay DreamsThe Phantom of Opera, Moulin Rougeand Tom Dick & Harry.

The play stars Faizan Sheikh in the lead role, who has previously participated in performances like Laakhoun Mein Teen and Andhera Ujala.

Ahmed Majeed who has also moved the critics with his performance in Moulin Rouge is playing the role of Faizan’s son from one wife who falls in love with Faizan’s daughter from the other wife.

Saqib Sumeer, who has wowed theatre artists and critics with his performances many a times, also has a guest appearance.

In the female lead is Muzaina Malick who plays one of Faizan’s wives. Malik has successfully completed several acting courses at NAPA and has previously played the phenomenal Kamla in the Pakistani remake of Kamla, an old original from India.

Theatre fans and critics are excited and hopeful about Sharabeel’s return with YOMT. Syeda Aqsa Rizwan, a crew member from YOMT shared her excitement saying, “It’s my first theatre performance and I can’t wait to hit the stage on March 30. I am sure You Only Marry Twice will be bigger than previous productions of Centre Stage Productions.”

“It was a good show for me. There have been a few glitches but nothing that can’t be fixed for tomorrow’s show”, Sharabeel said after the first show.

When asked how he felt with his comeback and whether YOMT could compete against the likes of Anwar Maqsood ka Dharna or Sawa 14 August, Sharabeel replied with a smirk, “There’s no competition in art. Competition is for horses. I can never be at Anwar Maqsood’s standard but I’m happy with what I have done”.

Commenting on how the International Theatre Festival happening across the street at NAPA will affect YOMT’s turn out, Sharabeel said rather optimistically, “Where there’s good product, public will go there. We had lesser public today but I am sure we will have housefuls in the coming weeks”.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, veteran Saqib Sumeer remarked he was happy how the show came out. “I have a pretty small role in the theatre since I was busy on other projects, but how these young people have pulled it off is amazing.”

Faizan Sheikh remarked “It was a wonderful experience being on stage with all these great people. Sharabeel is amazing at what he does and I’m very happy with how the show came out”.

You Only Marry Twice will be showing in Karachi from March 30 to April 19, after which it will move to Islamabad. It is not yet confirmed whether it will be shown in Lahore.

Correction: An earlier version of the story stated that Ahmer Majeed is a new entrant in the industry. The error has been fixed.

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