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Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad ended conflict with a special message


Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi ended their cold war after meeting at a mutual friend’s place in Karachi.

“Afridi is like a younger brother,” said Miandad in the video message. “And I have already stated that everything is forgotten from my side. A lot of things happen in the heat of the moment. And I know that Afridi is still unhappy with a few things I said, but I take all of my words back.”

Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad ended conflict with a special message

Former T20 captain, Shahid Afridi then sustained the conversation and said; “I am happy to meet you. I never wanted you to say sorry to me because you are elder to me. You have taken your words back and that is enough for me and all my fans. I am also sorry for all the things that I said, and they might have hurt you.”

The video and pictures released show the two sitting together closely and calming each other besides conveying their guilt for their absurd actions.

MQM MNA Iqbal Muhammad Ali and Afridi’s uncle played a main role in sorting out the differences between the two former captains. Wasim Akram who had been pushing both to calm down their differences said; “I am so happy they have sorted out things and it is the sensible thing to do. They were people who came on channels and wanted this controversy to go further without realising how much damage it was doing to our cricket,” Wasim said.

“Things have been sorted out. Afridi is like Miandad’s younger brother. And Afridi also respects Miandad a lot. It was not such a big deal as made out in the media,” Iqbal Muhammad Ali stated.

It is good to see our legends praising each other and apologizing for their prior behavior.

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