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Shahid Afridi return Pakistan for his ill daugter.


Recently Shahid Afridi the popular cricketer leave the Lanka premium League in such a hurry. He left the league to attend an emergency at his home. People were really shocked because they don’t know he reason behind it.

In a tweet, Shahid Afridi wrote, “Unfortunately, I have a personal emergency to attend to back home. I will return to join back my team at LPL immediately. After the situation is handled. All the best.”

Here is the tweet:

The Twitter page of Lanka Premium League shared, “Do you know the reason for @SAfridiOfficial ‘s return to the country? His daughter has been admit to hospital. We pray for speedy recovery.”

Check out the tweet:

Later, the picture of Shahid Afridi with his daughter in the hospital went viral. It was revealed that Shahid Afridi had to attend his daughter who was taken to hospital.

All her fans and followers are praying for her daughter speedy recovery. They are praying for her daughter health and well being. We also pray for her to get well soon.

About Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi is a former Pakistani bowling allrounder renowned for his blistering hitting of the cricket ball world-wide. During his playing days, people never expected a match without him. He is an era of cricket whose stats cannot justify his services to the game of cricket.

Also known as’’ Boom-Boom’’ among his fans all over the globe. He used to be the crowd puller people used to come in the stadium only to watch him bat. And when he got out, the stadium would turn empty on many occasions. Many people even do not know cricket, but they know Afridi because of his fame all around.

He left cricket in 2019. Currently, Shahid is leading a charity foundation named ”Shahid Afridi Foundation” with the slogan of ”Hope Not-Out”. Therefore he was then selected to play against England A. And then got his first chance at the International level at a very young age.

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