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The Censor Board wants Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor starrer Udta Punjab to not to be set in Punjab.

 The Censor Board wants Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor starrer Udta Punjab to not to be set in Punjab.
The Censor Board wants Udta Punjab to not to be set in Punjab. After the refusal of Censor Board to issue a certificate to the film, the Revising Committee of Censor Board has now given even more harsh suggestions to the makers, in order to obtain the certificate. Recommendations/Objections of the Reviewing Committee have assumed political overtones.
The committee wants the film to be set in a fictional land rather than in Punjab. They are demanding a lot of cuts which are against the “reality” of the movie.
Strangely, the Reviewing Committee is taking a view that the film is defamatory to Punjab. It is notable that the film Udta Punjab is based on the growing drug addiction among the youth. Earlier also the ruling party in Punjab, Akali Dal had objected to the movie. Sources close to the censors indicate towards political pressure being put in the wake of Punjab elections slated to happen early next year. Udta Punjab, a highly talked about film, being keenly anticipated by a large section of youth is slated to release on June 17.
Actress Alia Bhatt says the intention behind making “Udta Punjab” is not to condemn those involved in drug problems but to empathise with their struggle to emerge out of it. The Abhishek Chaubey-directed film is based on the issue of drug addiction in Punjab. There were reports that the censor board was not clearing the fillm but the makers have clarified that the film is still under process for certification.
Alia says “Udta Punjab” is not villainising anyone but introducing audience to an issue, which is plaguing not only India but the whole world. “Whosoever watches the film he/she will realise it is a story, which is important because it is almost like education of what the situation is. We are not attacking anybody in particular, we are showing a perspective, it’s a backdrop,” Alia told PTI in an interview .
“The problem is not only in Punjab, it is in India. We are not targeting India, in fact this exists in the world. People are battling it, they are dying at young age. It is very sad to hear these things. “We are not being preachy and saying that you are wrong if you are a drug addict. In fact, we are empathising with them because it’s a battle. Full mention and regard has been given to that,” she added.

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