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Shahnaz Gill says that “I have lived a very difficult life”


The Indian actress, singer and former Bigg Boss contestant Shahnaaz Gill has said that she has lived a very difficult life. She has learned to deal with situations in practice.

Sahnaaz Gill

Shahnaaz in an interview to a magazine told about her most interesting journey so far, her experience in the show Bigg Boss and being in the eyes of fans constantly.

Shahnaaz Gill said that she is thinking of becoming a winner in the race of her life and she has lived a difficult life.

Shehnaaz Gill

She said that she learned to deal with the situation in practice and not with biblical knowledge while she always got full support from his family.

Shahnaaz Gill

She said she had always been independent and had made sure to deal with difficult situations.

Shahnaaz Gill

Shahnaaz Gill added that she is happy with what has happened in her life and now she has somehow reached a stage where negativity motivates her to do better.

Sahnaaz Gill

She also said that she believes in doing the right thing, not hurting anyone and focusing her energies on improving herself.

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