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Behroz Sabzwari denies divorce of son and daughter-in-law


KARACHI: Renowned actor Bahroz Sabzwari has denied reports of separation between his son Shahroz & Syra Sabzwari.

According to details. News of the separation between Shahroz & Syra. The leading pair of Pakistani showbiz industry. They has been circulating on social media for the past few days. Which will come to an end after Behroz Subzari’s statement.

Talking to a private news agency. Bahruz Sabzwari said the news of separation between Shahruz and daughter-in-law Saira. It was unfounded and unfounded. Their son & daughter -in-law did not get divorced.

Eminent actor Behroz Sabzwari said that. There is a slight dispute between the daughter-in-law and the son. Who hopefully will end soon and there is a house where there is no resentment.

Shahruz Sabzwari’s father said that Saira’s father had been aloof for some days and had been living with her father.

It should be noted that as news. The separation between Shahruz Sabzwari and Sirah Shahruz went viral on social media. Some consumers also claimed that the two actors had been living separately for the past six months. The two were due to model separation. Shahruz Sabozari has relations with Kanul.

Remember that Syra and Shahroz got married in 2012. The beautiful daughter of the showbiz industry had their first daughter in 2014.

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