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Shahrukh Khan plans for future


Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan is staying away from his busy schedule of continuous film producing and shooting. It  may be recalled that in the recent past he has suffered from huge losses after unexpected failure of his films including the  film ‘zero’.

Actually the film ‘Zerol has proved itself really Zero and became one of the unsucceeded films of the recent days in the Indian Film Industry. When someone analyses the circumstances,

He compels to think and wishes to find out the reasons of the failure of this legend actor and producer.It is apparent that a very successful person cannot fail without any reason.

May be the reasons of his continuous failure include the change of trend of the new generation who is willing to see something which they do not find now in Shahrukh Khan’s films.

For example, actionful stories, fashion, lifestyle, or induction of new faces etc. It is quite evident that the position Shahrukh khan holds in the industry is the result of his continuous hardworking and innovative ideas.

Such successes are not without any base but there is always solid grounds and hardworking on their back. The question arises that a legend person who reached a good position recognized by everyone, why is suffering from continuous failures.

To find its reply, Shahrukh Khan and his close friends will have to analyse find out real causesAccording to media reports, Khan was asked to tell about his present activities. He, then told that nowadays he is studying the scripts of various films.

He has told that he has studied  the scripts of nearly twenty films but still not decided what to do. He also told that in the near future he will certainly sign films but those which will have low budget and will not cause huge losses.

Shahrukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan has performed in nearly 80 films and earned several film awards including the awards given by the Government of India and Government of France.

As regards the size of audience, he is counted as one of the most successful celebrities. He, in the beginning of his career also performed negative roles. However, as he got progress, he changed his way and performed positive and leading roles in his films.

The star  has also his own business. Shahrukh is also a married person and his wife Gauri Khan praises his good behaviour and caring his family members.They have three children. 



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