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Shalini, whom Bashir Ahmed sought, took him to Kashmir


This story will take you to a remote village in Jammu and Kashmir.

Its author is Madhuri Vijay and it is a story written in English. The young novelist has also been awarded a world-wide cash prize of Rs 25 lakh for his creation.

The novel is once again being discussed in the current situation in occupied Kashmir.

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Madhuri Vijay’s novel was published under the name “The Four Fields”.

The style and style of this story is such that. The reader can see for himself the cruelty and brutality of the Indian Army’s Kashmiris. Let’s meet the main character of this novel, Shalini.
Shalini has seen thirty springs of life. She was born in Bangalore, but now she is moving to Kashmir.

In Bangalore, his mother said goodbye to him forever. At the time of his death Shalini was 24 years old.

Trying to mourn her mother’s death, Shalini works in Bangalore, but after being fired on one occasion she decides to go to a small village in Jammu and Kashmir. The reason for this decision is Bashir Ahmed whom he saw in childhood.

He was a textile salesman and a Vijaya case man. Now she wants to find him. Shalini somehow arrives in occupied Kashmir. According to the story, during his stay in occupied Kashmir, Shalini feared the soldiers of the Indian Army. She used to look at the problems and oppression of the Kashmiri people and then started telling their stories.

The protagonist of the novel, in simple and simple language. However, They tells readers about an area. Where various forms of state violence and persecution are common and life is thriving.

The story of Madhuri Vijay is being given great importance following. The present government’s controversial citizenship bill in India and the worst decisions on sovereignty and administrative affairs of occupied Kashmir.

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