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21 Pakistani nationals, including Shamon Abbasi, Muhib Mirza, are trapped in Thailand


21 Pakistani nationals, including actor and director Shamon Abbasi and Muhib Mirza, are trapped in Thailand who face difficulties in returning home.

Many Pakistanis have been trapped around the world since the government shut down airlines from Pakistan.

The two actrors in their video messages have also appealed to the government to bring these Pakistanis back on a special flight to Bangkok.

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No need to panic

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A group of 21 Pakistani actors and technicians, for instance actor and director Simon Abbasi and Mohib Mirza, arrived in Thailand in February to shoot a film.

After the shooting ended, the entire crew was located 140 km from Bangkok, in Kachnapuri, Thailand.

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#saraloren #imamsyed #parmeshadiwal

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Actor Muhib Mirza Mirza said those with him were following the health guidelines.

He also added that the government is simply asking for our return.

Thailand’s capital Bangkok has also full lockdown to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

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