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Shamoon Abbasi Calls fear of the Corona virus is unnecessary


Benkok: Actor Shamoon Abbasi blames the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Actor Shamoon Abbasi has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, to shoot the film directed by Muhib Mirza, ‘Ishrat: Made in China’. Where he shared video during his departure from the airport in which he feared the Corona virus. Calling it illegal, he said that I had just come out of the airport and had just taken off my mask.

He also said that people must have worn masks on the air. Because of travelers from different countries but there is nothing outside. But the fact that the virus is spreading all over the world is not so. Because I was also at the Dubai airport, there were few flights, there were few passengers. But the situation we are being told on the media is not something that is contrary to fact and the people here are not afraid at all.

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It should be noted that in the action-packed film “Ishrat Maid in China” along with Simon Abbasi, Mehbir Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Mani, Sara Loren, Neerajaz and Ali Kazmi are also playing important roles.

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