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Shan release her new movie trailer “zarar”


The trailer for the action-packed film ‘Zarar’ has been released under the direction of Shan Shahid.

In his tweet, Shan Shahid shared the trailer of ‘Zarar’ with a duration of 3 minutes 34 seconds. It is estimated that Shaan Shahid is playing the role of Zarar. Who is connected to Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). ۔

The release date of the film has not been announced in the trailer. But they have already said that the film will be released this year.

The real danger-based film ‘Zarhar’ will be seen in splendid action.

The story of the film itself was written by Shan. While senior artist Nair Ejaz will be seen playing the negative role and Nadeem Baig playing the lead role.

According to a statement from actor Shan Shahid. The film ‘Zarar’ is a modern style film shot in the UK and Pakistan.

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