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Took a lot to match the color: Shanira Akram


Former cricketer Waseem Akram’s wife, Shanira Akram, says he has worked hard to match his color.

In a detailed message shared by Shanira Akram on the social networking site Instagram. There are thousands of women in the world, including me, who are eager to try the color gray.

Addressing all these girls at the beginning of their message. She said that thousands of girls all over the world wish they were masters of color. I counted them as such.

He said that in his youth he did all he could to make his own color. This was what was kept in our mind. Wheat color is more attractive. Were.

Shanira also said that during our youth. We used harmful oils on our faces and bodies that could cause skin cancer, early illnesses, wrinkles.

He said that if sunlight was not available, we would rub dye at our fees so that the face would become moist.

At the end of his message, Sanoli encouraged girls with complexion, saying that the purpose of his message is that girls of color should not change themselves by trying to change their color and be happy with what you are. , There are so many girls in the world that you want to be like.


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To all the girls with brown skin wishing they had white, I just want to let you know that there are a hell of a lot of white girls who grew up wishing they had dark skin too, I know I was one of them. We thought that if our skin was brown we looked healthier, prettier and more attractive to boys.

We would go to any length to change the colour of white to brown because that what what was instilled in our minds, that brown was more beautiful. When I was growing up we rubbed harmful oil on our faces and bodies and lay out all day in the harsh UV sun and burn to a crisp, just so that in 3-4 days the red and extremely painful burn would die down and eventually we would have a brown tan!

We would also spend hours lying in a solarium which is fake sunlight machine risking skin cancers, skin disease, spots and adding years to our faces causing wrinkles and irreversible damage. And when the sun wasn’t available we would also rub toxic stains and dyes in to our skin everyday to give our skin a 3-5 shades darker sun kissed brown look.

We would spend incredible amounts of money to have brown body paint sprayed on our body every week that gets in our hair, clothes and bedsheets, a body paint that is almost like a stain on our skin that doesn’t wash off for days and when it eventually wore off it would leave our skin patchy, streaky and scaley. And I have never tried this but some girls have synthetic hormones injected in to their bodies to stimulate the pigment cells that produce melanin and actually change the colour of the skin from white to brown permanently. What I’m trying to say is Don’t try and change who you are,

be happy underneath your skin, your beauty is interpreted by you, you are beautiful no matter what your skin colour is!! And just remember, to all the girls with brown skin who want white, you are the envy of half the women on this planet, women and girls all over the world that go to any extremes to have your colour skin, so that’s got to be something worth enjoying !!! #BeYourself #LoveYourself #TheGrassIsNotAlwaysGreener #BeautyIsOnTheInside #NeverJudgeByTheColourOfOnesSkin #WeAllStruggleToFindOurSelvesBeautiful #WhoCaresWhatOurSkinLooksLike

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