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What did Shanira do in the 100-day quarantine?


Former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram’s wife and social activist Shanira has told fans about her 100 days in quarantine.

On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Shanira Akram posted a photo of herself with a long caption.


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100 days of Quarantine! Have I lost 100 days of my life or did I gain them ? In 100 days I’ve celebrated my 38th birthday, Learnt how to make pizza, danced with my family, had dinner on the roof, celebrated my mums birthday, ate cake , cooked vegetarian dishes, celebrated pakistan day, stayed up late, got up early for runs, fought with my husband, fought with my kids, taught Aiyla to swim, bonded with my son, gave food to homeless, FaceTimed with people I don’t get time to see, Aiyla lost her first tooth, had memorable moments to last a lifetime with my bestie, celebrated Mother’s Day, gave toys to kids, laughed with my husband, laughed with my kids, Celebrated Wasim’s 54th, Respected a month of Ramadan, re decorated, learnt how to draw, learnt card games, watched old movies from my childhood, gave clothes away, learnt my prayers, celebrated Eid, adopted a kitten, cried with my husband, dyed my hair brown, exercised like never before, walked around the streets of my neighbourhood, watched people in my neighbourhood walk around the streets, started TikTok, ended TikTok, welcomed summer, got a tan, made clothes for barbies, spend hours doing art projects with my daughter, cried with the country as we watched a place crash in to Karachi, cleaned the fish tank, cleaned the freezer, learn how to play minecraft, raised money for charity, tweeted, posted, liked & commented, made lava lamps, helped stitch PPE suits, watched as the country locked down, watched as the country lifted the lockdown, watched as the numbers climbed, cried with lives we lost, got angry, got sad, felt helpless, felt empowered, cleaned out cupboards & old suitcases, gained weight, lost weight, did sit ups, spent time being busy, spent time being bored, grew vegetables, developed a love hate relationship with disinfectant, watched as Australia lifted their lockdown, looked at old photos, took out my hair extensions,Googled,YouTubed, cut my hair, learnt how to wax, learnt how to live without makeup, found deeper respect for people I live with, learned I love tea a lot more than I thought i did & learned I do not like Jamuns at all. Learned to hope, Celebrated Father’s Day and wrote this post!

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“Have I learned anything from the 100-day quarantine or have I wasted those days?” Asking this question, Shanera informed her fans about everything she did in the 100-day quarantine.

“I celebrated my 38th birthday in quarantine. She also learned to make pizza, taught my daughter to swim. She also fought with her husband and children, and cut her mother’s birthday cake,” he said.

“I spent the night on the roof in the moonlight, learned to cook vegetables, celebrated Pakistan Day, helped deserving people,” Shanira wrote.

“At the same time, my daughter’s first tooth broke, I celebrated International Mother’s Day with my children, and I had a great time laughing and playing with my family,” she said.

Wasim Akram’s wife also said, “I spent the month of Ramadan beautifully, learned to pray, celebrate Eid, celebrated my husband’s 54th birthday, made tick talk, talked to neighbors.”

“I worked with a charity, made new clothes for my daughter’s Barbie, learned to live without make-up,” she said.

“He commented on the plane crash and Corona’s situation, cleaned the house, cleaned his closet and suitcase,” Shanira wrote.

“He sent a special message to his father on Father’s Day,” he wrote.

Finally, he wrote, “100 days of busy quarantine were very good and memorable.”

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