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Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha takes on Modi government


Mumbai: Bollywood film industry’s leading actor Shatrughan Sinha has taken the Modi government in half-way.

According to the details, Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha also falls on the Modi government.

Shatrughan Sinha says Modi’s songwriters were taken to Kashmir like son-in-law. The European Union and were not allowed to go to Srinagar.

The Bollywood actor said that 651 members of the European Parliament. He have said that what is happening in Kashmir is wrong.

It is to be noted that since August 5. Lockdown has been prevalent in occupied Kashmir. Kashmir in severe colds is suffering from a crisis of medicines, food and drink. While educational institutions, business centers are closed and internet. Mobile service is still suspended.

In most areas of occupied Kashmir. Indian troops are entering houses under the so-called search operation. Harassing women and arresting young people. While curfew and sanctions have resulted in the loss of billions of dollars while thousands of people have become jobless.

Remember that the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society. A local rights organization. Said in its annual report to Srinagar that children. As well as children. It were held in illegal and unjustified detention and in the meantime, inhumane treatment by Indian soldiers. Also suffered.

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