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Sheheryar Munawar remember her friends in Self-quaratine


Sheheryar Munawar, a well-known actor of the Pakistan film and TV industry, took self-isolation.

On social networking site Instagram. Sheheryar shared the photos of his special people and remembered the moments he had spent with them.

“We are going through emotional changes in the days of lockdown,”. Sheheryar said, adding that when he feels a little strange. He see the old pictures that play a key role in bringing a smile to his face.


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So it’s Thursday AGAIN, you know what that means? Another #throwbackthursday ! In these times of the lockdown, emotional highs and lows have become part of everyday life.

Whenever I’m feeling a little low, going through old pictures always puts a smile on my face.

Now I’ve always heard people say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but since I’ve been missing human interaction like the deserts miss the rain (yes being a little dramatic for effect here) I’ve discovered that “a picture is worth a thousand a thousand emotions.

A thousand memories.” Sharing a few pictures of some special people. Some of whom where friends before they become colleagues and some colleagues who became friends.. but all of them are now friends who are like family. Want to take a moment right now to let you know how much I miss all of you — like an unquantifiable, infinite amount. #sappyinthetimeofcorona #lifeinthetimeofcorona #friendslikefamily #throwbackseries

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Sheheryar Munawar special people included director Asim Raza, Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain, actress Maya Ali, Zara Noor Abbas, Ahmad Ali Butt, Shahbaz Shagri, makeup artist Adnan Ansari and others.

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