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Leading humanitarian and Seasoned artist Shehzad Roy releases his latest single and video Bus Khail Nahi celebrating sports and a sense of good sportsmanship through the Official anthem for the Inter Provincial Games set to take place in Islamabad from Saturday 23rd April 2016 to Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Indeed, following up on the release on shezad roy  anthem Zindabad, the latest release Bus Khail Nahin has been shot on the phantom camera to capture the smallest movement of athletes. The anthem aims to put the spotlight on sports other than cricket and the video is shot in a manner to highlight the skills of the athletes participating in the Inter Provincial Games taking place.

On the release of Bus Khail Nahi, Shehzad Roy has said “We are a proud nation when it comes to sports. Be it cricket, hockey, boxing, sprint et al we always try to excel in what we do. Bus Khail Nahi highlights the nation’s zeal to perform to the best of our abilities and attain positive reinforcements to promote sports within our country and showcase our talented athletes on a national level. These sport hero’s will one day represent our nation on an international level.

Indeed Roy is known equally for his work as a musician as he is a humanitarian, engaging his music to work for change. He is the force behind the nonprofit organization, Zindagi Trust, which strived to raise funds for 2 Government Schools thus providing facilities for 3,500 girls.

The trust also aims to impro’6ve the quality of education available to the average Pakistani, reforming public schools, educating working children and lobbying the government to improve education policy. Roy has also produced and hosted 2 documentary series; Chal Parha, a commentary on the state of public education in Pakistan, and docudrama Wasu aur Mein, which follows the travels of Shehzad and Wasu Khan, a villager from Baluchistan which ultimately deconstructs what it means to be a citizen of Pakistan and projects what the future holds for them in this country.


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