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Shilpa Shetty, husband put defamation case on textile owner

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Notice worth INR1 billion has been given to Ravi Mohanlal Bhalotia for calling couple a cheat.

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After a criminal case was lodged against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra for duping a textile firm owner for INR2, 4 million, the couple has now slapped a defamation notice for INR1 billion on the tycoon, named Ravi Mohanlal Bhalotia. The textile owner reportedly called the celebrity couple a cheat and tried to malign their reputation for extra media coverage.


bollywood-female-actress-hot-actress-shilpa-shetty-new-look-with-husband (3) According to Indian Expres, Kundra Later said that the businessman was abusing the law and misusing his connections. He then filled a petition in Bombay High Court. Kundra had responded to accusation stating that it was Bhalatia who had violated to law and owed them money.

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“Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty Kundra have slapped a defamation notice for RS 100 crore on Ravi Mohanlal Bhalotia. A quashing petition has been field in the Bombay High Court as they have tight contracts signed and have been responsibly following the laws of the land,” Kundra’s spokes-person said, in a statement.

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At the time the FIR was field, a police official was quoted as saying, “Big Deals, a company in which Shetty and Kundra are directors, collected money sheets on behalf of Malotia Textiles through TV ads, but did not (allegedly) pay Malotia Textiles the proceeds. “A quashing petition has been filed in the  Bombay high Court as they have tight contracts signed and have been responsibly following the laws of the land, ” the spokesperson further added.

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