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Shoaib Khan tribute to Legendry actress Rani


Renowned Pakistani make-up artist Shoaib Khan paid tribute to ‘Rani’. The legendary actress of Pakistani film industry after ‘Madam Noor Jahan’.

Yesterday, Pakistani makeup artist Shoaib Khan shared some of his photos and videos on Instagram. In which he made himself like Pakistani legendary actress ‘Rani’. It can be seen in the photos that Shoaib Khan wore the dress. Make-up and jewelery are worn exactly as the actress ‘Rani’ wore in the movie ‘Amaraujan Ade’ in the song ‘Kata Na Katte Ray Ratia’.


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Revealing my humble attempt of tributing a legendary actress of Pakistani cinema ‘Rani Jee’. She was born on December 08, 1946 as Nasira Sarfraz. Known for her expressive eyes, sensuous curves and superb dancing skills, her acting career spans over a period of 32 years. While recreating this look, I took a critical study of of her talent and work and get to know that she wasn’t a mere character; she was an academy. She was incomparable in her profession. Her acting, dancing, beauty and dressing was exceptional and that is why I’ve always been such a big fan of hers. My memories of actress Rani forego to the time when she had a petite physique, soft dialogue delivery and facial beauty. I used to watch all her movies and tried to mimic her dialogue delivery and dancing intricacies. This is my way of showing my love and respect for this evergreen legend! Hope you all will love and appreciate it! Photograph video editing @naeemranaofficial video making @shehrozali #viral #pakistan #pakistanifashion #pakistanimakeupartist #artist #oldies #raniji

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In the videos shared by the make-up artist. They are dancing to the song ‘Kat Kat Kat Raat Rita’ in the same way that the actress ‘Rani’ danced.

Shoaib Khan also wrote a long caption in his post saying. ‘I also have tried to pay special tribute to’ Rani ‘, a famous legendary actress of Pakistani cinema.

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