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Showbiz people had Kismat Baig murdered: Rana Sanaullah


LAHORE: Police were able to arrest the suspected murderers of stage actress Kismat Baig on Friday, as Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah stated that people from the showbiz industry were behind the actress’ killing.

kismat-baigAccording to police, the alleged murderers were arrested when police traced their cell phone records. A businessman from Faisalabad had hired the three suspects, whom the police referred to as ‘hired assassins’, to murder Kismat Baig.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah spoke to the press and disclosed that a man named Muzammil, who used to promote the actress, killed Kismat Baig when she failed to act according to his instructions. According to Sanaullah, people from the world of showbiz were involved in her murder.

Last week, unknown gunmen opened fire on stage actress Kismat Baig and her guard as her car passed through Harbanspura area. The gunmen took away her mobile phone and a gold chain in her neck.

She was hit with 12 bullets and loss of excessive blood led to her death, the post-mortem report had revealed.

Baig started her career ten years ago from Gujranwala. She shifted to Lahore four years ago.

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