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Shravani KondaPali dies by commiting suicide.


Actress Shravani kondapali commits suicide.

Emerging Indian television actress Shravani Konda Pali ended her life by trapping herself from the bathroom ceiling.

Shravani Kondapali:

Shravani Kondapalli was an Indian actress and model. Therefore she had primarily worked in Telugu TV entertainment industry. Therefore she was know for portraying role of the protagonist actress in popular serial Manasu Mamata. She had plenty of offers in the pipe line. Shravani had also worked in many TV commercials.

Reason Behind suicide:

She was depress for involve in a sort of failed relationship. It is believe that her boyfriend Devraj Reddy was creating problem for her personal life. She was in relationship since eight months.

According to Indian media, the body of Telugu actress Shravani KondaPali has found hanging from the bathroom ceiling of her room. She live with her family in Madhur Nagar area of ​​Hyderabad. Police have sent the body for an autopsy. The real and the truth news will only be known after the autopsy.

The family of young actress Sharavani has blam her friend Viraj Reddy for the death. Who allegedly fled Hyderabad after receiving a report of suicide. And her phone is also switched off. Who is the boyfriend of Shravani Kondapali.

Sharavani’s brother told the police that Viraj Reddy had twice threaten the actress with viral photos. And was demanding more money, which my sister was under severe mental stress.

It should be note that Shravani, who has associated with the Telugu TV industry for the last 8 years. Has given hit serials like Moon Ragam and Mansu Mamta and is consider a busy actress. She is such a talented actress and we are very sad to have the loss of such a great personality. This news is quite shocking. May her soul rest in peace. May God Almighty grant her a higher rank in the heaven.

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