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Shruti Haasan in ‘ugly fight’ with her father’s girlfriend


MUMBAI: Gorgeous B-Town actress Shruti Haasan is currently shooting for a comedy flick Sabash Naidu and her father Kamal Haasan is also a part of the movie. But reports coming in that all is not well on the sets.

According to SpotBoye, the first schedule of the film, which recently wrapped up in Chennai, wasn’t a smooth sail. And it has nothing to do with a relation between Shruti and her father.

The ‘bone of contention’ actually is Kamal Haasan’s girlfriend Gautami. The report said those close to the film say that there was serious tension between Shruti and Gautami.


The website, citing its sources, said Gautami was working as a costume designer on the film. “Shruti has had tiffs with the way Gautami deals when it comes to costumes for her.

Kamal Haasan with his girlfriend Gautami

She has made it clear not just once or twice, but on multiple occasions that she does not like the costumes designed by Gautami. And once, they even had a long, nasty fight that resulted in a day’s shoot being called off,” the report said.

As media reports about her tiff with Gautami started gaining momentum, the actress was quick to clarify it through her spokesperson.

The BollywoodLife posted the following statement as issued by the actress’s spokesperson.

“Being someone who’s a fashion favourite and followed extensively for her style, it comes as no surprise to see Shruti’s clear minded approach to even her looks in her film. While being very hands on, she also ensures she’s collaborating with the producer and director to freeze on her look so that everyone’s vision is taken into account…”

Her role in her father’s film is that of a young, feisty gal who’s grown up in Los Angeles, who uses fashion as an expression of her quirky and devil may care attitude. Keeping this brief in mind, Gautami brought in a set of clothes for Shruti when the look test was happening in the pre production stage. Styling being a collaborative and subjective effort, needs inputs from the producer, director and the actor and giving the stylist feedback, redoing looks etc is standard procedure.”

“The core team mutually felt the look needed more to be added and specific feedback was shared with Gautami. Being a thorough professional herself, Gautami understood and brought in a new lot of clothes which seemed to work better. Shruti infact, added in elements from her own closet to help Gautami and to really make the looks pop given that she has lived in LA herself and is someone with a very distinctive sense of style.”

Previously, Shruti had been in different controversies that at times hindered her acting career.

When the Siddharth – Shruti starrer ‘Oh My Friend’ released, rumors were strong that something was brewing between both the stars. It’s also believed that they lived together and this caused a lot of controversy in the media.

Later, Shruti was photographed secretly while shooting for Yevadu. The photographs were so steamy, that she has instantly become one of the most searched Tollywood actors!

And the controversies don’t end here, Shruti also starred with Dhanush in the movie with the viral sensation Kolaveri Di. Rajnikant’s daughter and Dhanush’s wife was of course unhappy with the rumors! So much so, that Aishwarya Dhanush herself issued a statement dismissing the rumors!


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