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Emotional message from Sushant’s sister to her brother


Shweta Singh Kriti, sister of 34-year-old Bollywood actor Sushant Singh. Who committed suicide on Sunday, June 14, has sent an emotional message to her younger brother.

After arriving in Patna, Sushant Singh’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti, based in the US, posted a picture of the commemorative card that Sushant Singh had written for his sister with his own hands on the social networking site Facebook.

Sushant Singh Rajput

In her message, Shweta Singh addressed her brother as’ My Babu ‘,’ My Baby ‘and’ My Baby ‘and wrote,’ My brother is not with us today, I know he was in a lot of trouble. He was a brave fighter who had endured this ordeal for so long and was fighting it alone.

Sushant Singh’s sister wrote,

“I am sorry that I could not end your suffering. I wish I could do that and take all your pain and give you all the happiness in return.”

Shweta Singh Kriti

“My brother, your blinking eyes taught the world to dream. Your innocent smile was a testament to how pure and clear your heart was,” Shweta Singh Kriti wrote.

“I will always love my child like this and everyone here loves you unconditionally,” wrote Shweta Singh.

Sushant Singh’s sister wrote to her friends and relatives advising them to treat others with compassion and love, saying, ‘My friends, I know this is a trying time for all of us, but I would like to thank all of you here. I would like to advise you to always choose love over hatred.

“Choose empathy over resentment, choose forgiveness over selfishness, forgive yourself and forgive others,” She wrote.

“Everyone here is fighting their own battle, so be sympathetic to yourself and be humble and compassionate to others,” wrote Shweta Singh.

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh also committed suicide at his home in Bandra, Mumbai on Sunday, June 14. According to the post-mortem report, the actor’s throat was slit due to hanging, after which he died.

During the investigation into Sushant Singh’s suicide, the police received some documents from his house according to which Sushant Singh was undergoing treatment for depression.

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