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Side business of popular stars

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In Pakistan there so many big stars who run the profitable side business.To maintain their status they need to earn extra income for that purpose, they start new businesses like outlets, productions houses and other.

Here is the list in which we include names of actors, hosts and model and sports stars who run side businesses.

Shahid Afridi owns Splice which is now called Al-kabab in Lahore.

Nadia Hussain famous model and actress runs a spa and beauty salon name Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic.Nadia Hussain is the professional dentist too.

Fawad Khan owns a brand name silk by Fawad Khan.

Ahsan Khan has an outlet of cloth in Lahore.

Faysal Qureshi is running his production house wisely.

Fahad Mustafa is also running production named Big Bang.

Asif Raza Meer veteran actor now turned into a successful business man.He owns country best drama and entertainment production company named A&B Productions.

Humayun Saed is running drama and movies production company named Six Sigma Entertainment.

7th Sky own by Abdullah Kadwani .

Junaid Jamshed is old in the business circle of outlets.His outlet in Lahore ,Karachi and USA etc.

Atiqa Odho is running a cosmetics brand since 10 years Odho Cosmetics and she also has a production house Odho Productions 2009

Rafee Peer theater group owns by Peerzada Family.Peerus Cafe in Lahore owns by Faizan Peerzada and his brother Usman Peerzada know actor and husband of Samina Peerzada.

There are so many celebrities who launches their lawn brand like Vaneeza Ahmed Mehwish Hayat,Ahsan khan and others.

As we all know that showbiz is a Hawai Rozi.Most of the showbiz guys tell in their interviews that when they meet their girl friend’s parents they always ask about their work.For the survival of life, actors need to have a proper side business or job.In this sorry state of affairs unemployment in showbiz urges our stars to do something to earn a part of showbiz.

These are the popular stars who excel in the universe of business.i hope u have enjoyed this post.

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