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Just as dressing for work is imperative, looking good is equally important. Appearance makes a huge difference in making or breaking a job opportunity or success on the job.

Besides, favourable image by styling appropriately to work creates conducive atmosphere. Here is how to achieve it.

Just as when dressing for work, one thinks of comfort, weather and activities planned for the day, I reckon a similar rationale should also be going behind wearing makeup as well. Liberty can be taken while dressing up for a relaxed culture, however, any workplace with a traditional corporate culture will have employees dressing up in serious business attire.

So, in such a scenario, makeup, including eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, kajal, blush and lipstick, should be applied with a light touch to accentuate facial features during the work hours.

Get a pretty glow on your face by moisturizing it on a daily basis. A good moisturizer helps retain moisture and prevents dryness.

For flawless skin, I suggest a concealer that matches your skin tone, it covers-up dark, under-eye circles, blemishes and marks.

The skin tone needs to be even. So when applying foundation, it is recommended that you do this where enough light is falling on your face from all the directions. In case you have clear skin you can skip the foundation.


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