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Singer Somia Khan Inteview

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Karachi: it is essential to promote pakistani culture and folk songs Pakistani music throughout the world.

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There is no doubt that our cultural norms and music is liked by people’s music lovers around the world, In pakistan there are plenty of talented singers artist,for those a suitable platform is necessary and if the same is provided they will bring good names for Pakistan and get their talents certified applauded througout the world.

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During the training to new singers & artist& meeting with colleagues at the Studio Singer Somia Khan further added the need of support on governmental level . Somia Kha belongs to the family who has earned good reputation within the country and around the world.

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Somia Khan born in Lahore and for the last 12 years she is attached with world of  Music, Her super hit Ajawey chunna where as Mahia Pul Pul Dil Dilgul. Surma songs has been largely applauded. She has sung and recorded more than 300 songs These days she is working on new project of Saraki songs and poems/ghazals, Somia Khan has always introduced new tunes and good lyrics which has always been liked by the people music lovers. Somia Khans songs are available on Youtube and on other channels.

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Somia Khan also expects that the year 2017 will be a very successful year for her, she said that up till now I have been successful in all my efforts and sincerely hope that my new project will also be liked by the music fan, lovers and the general public Singer Somi Khan further added that with hard work goals can  be achieved in field.

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