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Slam Hater For Criticizing Churails by Sarwat Gillani.


The recent hit and popular web series “Churails”. Which becomes the talk town slam for everyone. Recently banned due to its vulgar content. However some people like the series as it shows the women empowerment. While other disliked it due to its provoking content.

Churails web series banned in Pakistan

The whole cast of the Churails were criticize alot by the audience. Mong them was Sarwat Gillani as well who was criticize for her work in Churails.

She recently posted a picture on her Instagram. The most social networking site. In the picture she captioned: “Hum jo Hai voh hamaray bad bhi zinda rahay ga“.

Then a hater came to that post and commented. He slam her for not showing the true picture of the women in Islam. And advise her to show the real culture according to our religion. Sarwat Gillani didn’t hold back and replied that: “Watch on the TV the extra martial affairs, raising hand on the women and swearing this is our culture. Respect it.

She further added: ” There is also a good side. Where? In the comments of CCPO. Leaving the rapist free. In supporting the corrupt people more. Shut the mouth of one speaking truth. Take award and forgive women“.

For enlightened readers:

Sarwat Gilani is a famous Pakistani model and actress. Sarwat was born in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The drama that gave her a lot of recognition was ‘Aazar Ki Ayegi Baraat’. Sarwat went to pick her sister up from an audition, that is where she grabbed the attention of the director. And he requested her to audition for this drama. Therefore she give her a break to channel out her talent as an actor.

Sarwat is happily married to Cosmetic Surgeon and TV Actor Fahad Mirza. They both got married in August, 2014. Their wedding was a grand affair which was attended by big names of the industry.

Sarwat Gillani and Fahad mirza join protest outside

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