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Social Media Sensation Nimra Ali Breaks Into Tears.


Chatterbox and social media sensation Nimra Ali’s video went insanely viral on internet. Her videos from the random public interviews; the candidness and innocence of girl attracted everyone. Her videos were share everywhere and she became no 1 trend of twitter.

Nimra Ali was then again invite for an interview on GNN. Once again people loved her and her effortless bubbly personality bough some light to everyone. But this time things somehow went wrong. After Kapil Dev’s tweet a new debate start on twitter. Some people tried to justify Nimra. Where as some bashed her. While some people apologize on her behalf.

Nimra Ali tried to mimic Sajal Aly with one of her dialogue from Drama Serial Aangan. She try raising a slogan in Sajal Aly style saying. “GANDI NEHRO MATAM MANAO, HINDO KI MAIYA MAR GAYE”.

Nimra breaks into tears:

Pakistan’s latest social media sensation Nimra Ali has touch hearts all across the country with her positive energy. Touted as a glimmer of hope in otherwise difficult times, Nimra made headlines all across after a video went viral in which she in a candid yet adorable way express her excitement over being feature on TV.

With all the attention she has receive in the last few days. She was recently featured on a talk show. During the show, Nimra reveal her certain hidden talents.

After this interview many people were smitten by her all over again.

Lately Nimra Ali breaks into tears during an interview over her fake YouTube clickbait videos. And also fake news about her character.

Nimra Ali mentioned that she got tensed after watching these fake YouTube videos criticizing her character.

She further said that she was only trying to spread happiness and smile on faces, but some people started controversy.

Nimra was very heartbroken after watching those fake video clips, on Youtube. People are still highly against her behavior on social media.

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