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Actress Sohai Ali Abro shaved her hair for the film


Karachi: Pakistani film and drama industry actress Sohai Ali Abro shaves her hair for the film.

According to details, Sohai Ali Abro. A leading actress of the Pakistani film and drama industry. She shaved her hair to fit the role in her new Hollywood movie ‘Window’.

The film’s cast names have also gone viral on social media including Faisal Qureshi, Sami Khan and Farran Tahir.

Sohai Ali Abro, who played the lead role in the film. She took a bold step and shaved his head for an upcoming project. They sharing photos of his new look with fans on Instagram that went viral.

Sohai Ali Abro wrote that. I recently finished shooting for the movie. The Window. Where my character needed to have some special hair. Which resulted in it all being removed.

Sohai said that our director, assistant director, makeup artist along with the rest of the team provided me with moral support; I not only needed to shave my head but to do it in a real way.

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