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Sonakshi Sinha calls herself the winner


Indian actress Sonakshi Sinha, who withdrew from the micro-blogging site Twitter two days ago, has sent a special message to her opponents.

Sonakshi Sinha posted a video of herself on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram.


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How i got myself off twitter and away from the negativity 😂 Some people are celebrating like they won something… im happy for you, tumhe laga raha hai na… lagne do, kisi ko koi farak nahi padh raha. But lets face it, ive cut the direct source of insult and abuse in my life. Ive taken away YOUR power to be able to say whatever it is that you want to me, my family and my friends. Ive taken away that access you had to me, that i had given you so trustingly. So theres only one winner here. Me. Your negativity has never served me or my life, which is why it literally took a snap of a finger to get rid of a following of 16 million people which ive garnered over the last ten years. Just like that. And im better off for it. I wish all those haters and trolls lots of love and healing, or you can continue with the hate but please know it’ll NEVER reach me. Accha ab yeh chakkar mein i know the people who love me are caught up too… please know that your love and support is what has kept me going all this while, and it always will! And I request you all to keep spreading that love and light wherever you go and to as many people as you can. Because Love is the answer. Always ❤️

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Posting the video, Sonakshi Sinha also wrote in a questioning manner. “Everyone must be wondering how I kept myself away from Twitter and negative people”. While some people may be celebrating it as their victory, I left Twitter out of fear of them.

“I have snatched away the power of those who were making controversial statements for me and my family”. Sonakshi Sinha also wrote.

“There is only one winner here and that is me, no one has won except me,” she wrote.

“Your negative attitude has never played a significant role in my life. Which is why I withdrew from my account with 16 million followers, you continue your hatred and trolling,” she wrote. But also remember that your hatred will no longer reach me.

Sonakshi Sinha wrote to her loved ones. “Thanks to all who love me. It is because of your love that I have also the courage to do all this.”

The actress wrote, “Keep loving like this and spread your love wherever you go.”

It should be noted that Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who withdrew from Twitter, had posted a special tweet on Instagram announcing her separation from Twitter.

Sonakshi Sinha wrote in her tweet that the first step to keep peace of mind and protect oneself from unnecessary criticism is to stay away from negative thinking and negative things and nowadays some more negative things are happening on Twitter. That’s why she’s turning away from Twitter for peace and tranquility.

Remember that Sonakshi Sinha is often criticized on social media for her controversial statements and that is why the actress has distanced herself from Twitter.

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