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Sonam Kapoor is aggrieved over personal criticism


We usually note nowadays that on social media, people while talking about someone, even ignore moral standards. Actually a correct practice which should be observed by all is that, while criticising someone, only his or her behaviour, activities or performance should be discussed and not to talk about his or her body figure. But people while writing on social media walls, make jokes of  other’s body shapes saying that he or she is is too fat, too thin, short etc. Even their face organs are discussed such as someone’s nose is so or ears are so.  The above context compelled Indian film actress Sonam Kapoor to complain.

She is too worried over such an experience and expressed  sorrow She has said this is not a good practice. Talking about her experience, she said that people on social media called me even giraffe (a long neck wild animal) because she was very thin in those days. She also says, after that I cast my attention to balance my body figure. Even then people criticised me describing as too fat.Sonam Kapoor says even other’s siblings, families or relatives are brought under discussion which is not a good practice. I am too aggrieved when somebody criticizes my family because it is very dear for me.

Sonam is now around 34-year old and one of the most busy celebrities of the Indian film Industry.It appears that the above actress lays too much stress on moral standards. Earlier in an interview she said that she did not view big budget films or characters as some extra ordinary thing. She says that she treats all equally and only sees the script, director and the role she is being given to perform.Before this the actress, in an another interview, expressed her ambition to work with Fawad Khan, a Pakistani actor with whom

she already worked in a film. She also admired him for his acting talent. Nowadays this is a usual practice that Indian celebrities recall memories of working with Pakistani actors and say that they had a good time with them. Someone is only remembered if he behaves to others in a good and memorable way. Otherwise nobody remembers anyone.



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