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Sonia Hussain explained the benefits of the morning sun


The leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Sonia Hussain shared her photo taken in the sun. In photo and video sharing app Instagram and told her fans about the benefits of the morning sun.

With a photo shared on Instagram. Sonia Hussain has also advised her fans. Whether it is an epidemic or not, but don’t forget to take the morning sun.”

“I don’t know if the sun can kill many viruses, but the World Health Organization agrees that if we take the sun in the morning and before sunset during quarantine, we can have a positive effect.

It may be recalled that Sonia Hussain is one of the leading and capable actresses of Pakistan who has shown the essence of her acting in dramas as well as in many films including ‘Moore’ and ‘Azadi’ while her upcoming film There is a ‘touch button’.

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