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Sonu Nigaam cried when heard the song by Hadia.


Mumbai: Indian singer Sonu Nigaam could not control his emotions. When he heard the song sung by Pakistan little girl Hadia.

At a young age, Hadiya Hashmi, the owner of a loud voice. Drive Pakistanis crazy with her sarcastic voice. Famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam, become a fan of her voice. He like Hadiya’s voice so much. He couldn’t control his emotions and cried.

Sonu Nigar shared a video on her Instagram account. In which he is listening to Hadia Hashmi’s song “Bol Ho” on TV and tears can be seen in his eyes. Listening to the song. Sonu Nigaar said, “After many days, a voice has touched my heart.”

Sonu Nigaar said: “This song was sent to me by Javed Jaffery. Even though I had heard this song before. But today I listened to it properly. After which it seems to me, I heard something good after many days”.

Sonu Nigaar further said: “I never thought before that there could be such a good work. Even today that when someone is singing. I will burst into tears.”

Sonu Nigam wished Hadia Hashmi and Soch Band all the best for singing such a wonderful song.

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