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Spotlight: Noor against the world


Lollywood gave us gifted film chiefs, for example, Nazrul Islam, S. Suleman, Pervaiz Malik, Haider Chaudhary, Masood Pervaiz and so forth, however none has played such a long and effective innings as Syed Noor.

As a script author Syed Noor otherwise known as Shahji penned scripts that at first earned him his great name, and afterward he ventured into film course and wowed gatherings of people with Ghoonghat, Majajan, Choorian, Daku Rani, Jeeva and the sky is the limit from there. In any case, the years are presently beginning to take a toll on his wellbeing, yet his determination to make something advantageous has not melted away.

As of now, Shahji dwells with his first wife Rukhsana Noor (Saima’s TV engagements keep her in Karachi) in a remote zone of Lahore called Tricone Village encompassed by a quiet and serene environment. It is likewise inside simple compass of Shabab Studios where he for the most part shoots his movies and participates in office work. It is here, encompassed by well known film stuff, that he opens up and discusses the Pakistan film industry and his arrangements for what’s to come.

Is the film business pushing forward or stagnanting?

In all honesty, considering all the harm brought about amid the recent years, I have little seek after its recuperation. My conjecture was that it may take five to seven years for it to get recovered. It’s a supernatural occurrence what has happened amid these previous two years. In any case, don’t go measuring its prosperity proportion a few seconds ago as it’s the least on the planet. I intend to say that a consistent stream of film creation is vital for the accomplishment of any film industry and the correct development of silver screen.

Where did we turn out badly?

Ten years prior, a youthful, fiery type of experts ought to have ventured in and assumed control over our film industry which shockingly never happened. At the point when the LSAs gave me the accomplishment honor a year ago, I questioned … that recompense put a full stop in my profession … a ‘no more space for you’. Should I sit at home at this point? I kept on tolerating challenges as they went along and molded my thoughts and fate. Despite everything i’m cruising this boat. Lamentably, my partners didn’t and were abandoned.

Wouldn’t you say that executives like Iqbal Kashmiri, Pervaiz Rana, Masood Butt and so forth can tackle new difficulties in film-production?

They fit in with an alternate school of film-production. They are accustomed to taking a shot at the obsolete 35mm innovation. When it changed over to computerized they got sidelined.

Also, the universe of film has pushed forward with creative thoughts, edges, camera, lights and so forth. Since there is no institute or government support, the odds of examining film-production have dependably stayed thin. In any case, I say this with most extreme truthfulness that these executives have rendered incredible administrations to our film industry can in any case drive forward on the off chance that they realize a change inside of themselves.

Lahore-based Punjabi movies have a mass request when contrasted with others. Remark.


It was before the case. In any case, now the focal point of film-production is back in Karachi, with a couple of weaknesses.

There have been some great movies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. In any case, I’m sorry to learn that there are a few motion pictures that are not up to the imprint, and proclaiming them as “highlight” movies would be a mix-up. Really these are TV serials with tunes. It’s stunning, truly.

After the moving of film-production to Karachi, shouldn’t we utilize the word Karawood rather than Lollywood. What do you say?

It’s every one of the an object. There is just Hollywood, no Bollywood or Lollywood. It ought to just be known as the Pakistan film industry and that’s it!

What do movies intend to you?

In nutshell, the sole point of movies is to amuse. Film without amusement is not an element film but rather a narrative.

Under the current circumstances, you appear to be the main individual who can restore Punjabi film after an eminent reputation like Choorian, Majajan, Shareeka, Mehndi Walay Haath. What’s keeping you down?

The season of Punjabi film is over. Waise bhi stomach muscle filmein Punjabi/Urdu misunderstanding ho gaye hain. Numerous Urdu movies now have a few Punjabi melodies.

Our proprietors barely took any notification of the dirty, shabby silver screen houses. They felt that regardless of sub-standard offices movies would keep on attracting swarms. They likewise disheartened the displaying of Pakistani films, inclining toward Indian substance. Thusly, our film makers swung to different organizations.

I might want to credit Nadeem Mandviwala for the recovery of movies. Caps off to him.

Will the circumstance be made strides?

Unfortunately, the present government has no service of society. Maybe we are among the couple of nations which give minimal significance to culture, regardless of India and Hollywood raging and catching the world market, and concentrating on the youthful era.

I firmly trust that India is nothing without its film industry as it has limitlessly enhanced its picture and economy through it. Our legislature does not remember this. It ought to restore NAFDEC immediately which could interface us to different universes through society.

Thirdly, Pakistani schools and colleges that show film-production to understudies must have legitimate gear like cameras, lights, set outlining devices and so on. Simply unimportant speculations won’t do.

Do you think Adnan Sami quit his Pakistani nationality because of his inordinate Bollywood engagements?

Refuse. In any event Adnan Sami talked reality about him being an Indian. Various Pakistani artists, craftsmen work there yet couldn’t care less to work in our industry. What would you be able to say in regards to such false reverence?

Chiefs are frequently seen boasting about discharge dates, and the same is by all accounts the situation with regards to your film Price of Honor which was lined up for discharge in April 2015?

You’re correct. I concede my shortcoming. Yet, the truism goes ‘Man proposes God arranges’. Issues like assets, reputation, silver screen accessibility and so forth continued keeping me down. Be that as it may, my most prominent grievance is with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy; in spite of realizing that my film Price of Honor was lined up for discharge, she propelled her narrative A Girl in the Water — The Price of Forgiveness. It was as a genuine misfortune for me. I completely recognize her administrations and potential as a kindred producer, yet she ought to have drawn nearer me before taking the activity. She harmed my undertaking.

What different movies do you have in the pipeline?

Bhai Wanted is verging on complete yet the greatest venture of my life is en route. I composed a screenplay four years prior, quick to deliver an alternate sort of message-arranged film. I was pondering whom to cast inverse Saima when I went over Dr. Amir Liaquat’s appear and my heart said that I’d found the right man. I chose to persuade him to sign my film. At first, Amir Liaquat was hesitant to acknowledge my offer however when I portrayed the story to him, he concurred. He will be my next saint with Saima as the main woman.

So when do you plan to begin the film?

Before long. Everything relies on upon Dr. Amir Liaquat’s accessibility.

Why has Saima changed to TV? Some contend that a film star ought not chip away at the little screen as it undermines his/her stature?

I don’t concur. Saima has earned 10 times more notoriety than movies just in light of the fact that TV has a much bigger viewership.

Why was Saima truant at the head shows of her own motion picture as of late?

Uski marzi, fundamental kya keh sakta hoon (It’s her choice, what would I be able to say?).

Who is more licensed for a film’s prosperity, performer or chief?

Definitely the executive. I made Shaan an incomparable on-screen character while low-bore chiefs have harmed his notoriety for being a performing artist.

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