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Spruce up this spring

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Spring is in the air and as it comes into bloom, wardrobe and style changes have already begun. But there are plenty of fashion trends and items from the past season that can be refreshed this spring and which you can incorporate into the latest trends.


Poncho’s modern makeover this season means it’s a great choice for the chic. It can be worn both casually and formally in rich colours or pastel hues, which a number of brands introduced this season in floral and digital prints, and can be paired beautifully with slim trousers and elegant heels. As an iconic piece of folk style, the poncho provides the perfect silhouette for all body types with a bit of bohemian flair. The look is ideal lightweight piece during daytime.

Flare jeans

Don’t say farewell to your flare jeans. Retailers and designers are styling them with virtually everything you can imagine, from silk tops to denim shirts to casual tees. Don’t be afraid of trying them with detailed or jewelled flats for a modern twist.

Bold red lip

The colour of royalty is ruling this season. When you are not wearing basic lip balm, go for classic red lips, which many runway models wore this season. Modern matte orange-red lips are soft and easy to wear, fill your lips in with a pencil first and then layer on lipstick for fully-saturated colour. There are multiple make-up brands that offer red lip colour in different shades to suit every skin tone.

Inky black eyes

Use of blackest-black liner was a dominant trend on the runway this season, so pick some up and start playing. Work on the outer corners of the eyes during daytime. Keeping the inner corners bright makes eyes look big and open. For a night-out, try tight-lining all the way around eyes with liquid eyeliner to achieve a sharp look. Gel eyeliners are easy to use and long-lasting.

Hair trends

Bored with blow-drying your hair, day-in and day-out? This trend will be your new best friend —  textured hair that looks air-dried (whether or not it actually is). Use quality products that strengthen and fortify hair fibre, while adding shine and texture before blow-dry. Long, sleek ponytails and braids are a trend that’s here to stay. Sweep your braid over one shoulder and pull touchable pieces loose around your face to give a bohemian look.

Gladiator sandals

It’s all about gladiator sandals this spring. This style is not only powerful but also pretty and will leave you feeling like a goddess. The footwear, named after armed warriors in the Roman Republic, dominated the runways and accessory presentations for spring 2015. This style has become a modern statement piece, less casual and more glamorous.

Eye-catching eyewear

Take a breather from reflective shades that hit the fashion circuit hard last year. Instead, try round sunglasses this year to protect eyes from scorching sunlight in the summer, while looking glam and cool. You can also confidently pick one of the cool, white-framed sunglasses, which we saw at the fashion shows of many designers and match it with crisp, white attire. Ombre effect always comes back with new, striking renditions, such as purplish ombre with light purple frames. Roberto Cavalli stunned with reverse ombre, going lighter from bottom to top.

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